Real-time Tissue Elastography (RTE)

An innovative ultrasound modality for the assessment of tissue elasticity

RTE is an emerging diagnostic tool for the assessment and real-time colour display of tissue elasticity. This 2nd generation ultrasound modality has proven applications in breast, prostate, thyroid and pancreatic disease and where diagnostic biopsy is indicated, RTE allows more accurate localization and targeting of lesions.

This unique RTE modality...

  • Extracts strain data ensuring that quantitative measurements are available from the Strain Ratio tool
  • Is easy to perform, fast, accurate and reproducible
  • Incorporates an adjustable colour transparency feature, enabling instant correlation between the native B-mode and elastography image
  • Is available for the new range of HI VISION platforms
  • Is a diagnostic tool that can reduce the financial and emotional burden of further investigations
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