Optimal performance in a compact design.

FUTUS provides high-resolution imaging to support accurate diagnoses and reduced examination time.
Ease-of-use design features help to streamline the daily workload and a compact housing supports a broad variety of applications.
The system further offers ‘silent design’ - less than 40dB, which means that the system is virtually silent whilst running, thus securing a quiet examination environment

FUTUS features great imaging technologies to support a clear view and confident diagnoses.

An image filter that virtually eliminates unwanted speckle noise and provides excellent contrast resolution with enhanced edge definition for unsurpassed image clarity.

  • Enhancing contrast resolution
  • Improving border delineation and suppressing noise
  • Delivering application-specific optimization

By compounding data from multiple steered beams, contrast resolution is improved by a reduction in speckle noise, resulting in remarkable image quality enhancement.

S-Harmonic reduces noise and provides image clarity and homogeneity from near to far field by the use of multi-frequency, providing clearer images 

S-Flow is a blood flow mode with less extrusion of colour from the blood vessel than a normal colour display achieving both, high spatial resolution and detection sensitivity of low flow velocity. 

FUTUS further offers:

  • 21.5’’ LCD monitor with fully articulating arm
  • 10.1” touch panel
  • Lightweight system with height-adjustable, pneumatic operating panel 
  • Two wheel casters for smooth movement
  • Optional rear tray & endocavity transducer holder 
  • Optional gel warmer & printer cover 

Product pictures

FUTUS supports a broad variety of applications

  • Auto IMT+
    Allowing to measure carotid intima-media thickness of the posterior or anterior walls with a single keystroke, thereby reducing user dependency and improving measurement reproducibility.
  • Strain+
    Quantitative tool for global and segmental wall motion of the left ventricle (LV). In Strain+, 3 standard LV views including Bull's Eye are displayed in a quad screen for easy and quick assessment of the LV function.
  • ElastoScan
    Supporting early detection of lesions and various other diseases. ElastoScan provides clinical information that conventional studies typically cannot detect.
  • Panoramic
    Allowing to display extended field-of-view to examine larger scan images. It further supports angular scanning with linear and convex transducers data acquisition.


  • Quick Preset
    Helping to increase the efficiency of scanning by selecting the frequently used probes and presets with just a single touch.
  • Quick Scan
    Significantly improves workflow by performing automatic adjustment of gain in Doppler and B-mode. In addition, in vascular, the colour box and volume doppler can both be steered automatically. 
  • EZ-Exam+
    Pre-defined application protocols that can be registered to simplify multiple     operations in order to carry out examinations more efficiently.
  • Ez-Compare
    An image stored from a previous examination can be presented in a side-by-side display with the current image obtained, using the same imaging parameters - useful in follow-up examinations and for comparison before and after treatment

Advanced and rich functions for OB/GYN

  • Realistic Vue, helps you
    • shade the fetus with a virtual, movable light source
    • express the organization with more realistic texture.
    • observe the region of interest in detail.
  • 3D XI, allows to observe volume data from various points of view by using three image processing applications
    • Multi-Slice View
    • Oblique View
    • XI VOCAL
  • 5D NT, automatically acquires exact sagittal plane necessary for NT (Natural Translucency) measurement from volume data
  • XI STIC (Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation), constructs a moving image for one heartbeat from the acquired volume data. Any cross section can be drawn, useful for grasping the stereoscopic fetal heart.
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