HiMAR Plus:
artefact reduction for
metal implants

Scanning patients with metal implants like dental fillings, prosthetics or surgical clips can be a real challenge because these create streaks and smears on the CT image. A pragmatic way to combat this is to try and exclude the implant from the scan itself; yet often this is precisely the area that needs to be scanned. Another way is to increase the tube voltage; yet also increases the patient’s radiation dose. Which is exactly why we created HiMAR Plus.

Obtain clear, high-quality images around metal implants with no need to increase dose levels.

HiMAR Plus (High image quality Metal Artefact Reduction) detects the corrupted data from the metal and replaces it with values from uncorrupted areas. Different to conventional techniques, it combines both projection-based and image-based correction - repeatedly performed forwards and backwards on the raw data. The benefits are clear: high-quality images that make the underlaying structure and surrounding tissue of metal implants clearly visible.

Compare yourself! Simply slide back and forth.

<p><strong>Lumbar Spine Implant</strong></p>

Lumbar Spine Implant

<p><strong>Knee Implant</strong></p>

Knee Implant

<p><strong>Hip Implant</strong></p>

Hip Implant

<p><strong>Ankle Implant</strong></p>

Ankle Implant

<p><strong>Tooth Implant</strong></p>

Tooth Implant

<p><strong>Knee Implant</strong></p>

Knee Implant

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